(Wpis wyjątkowo po angielsku – przeznaczony dla poznanych na wakacjach Amerykanów.)

Next summer I’m not going to USA for work&travel – I decided to take one-year break. But don’t be sad – you can come to me! It’s official invitation to Poland 🙂
If someone would make decision to visit me, please inform me some months earlier, because in another case, when you land in the Wrocław Copernicus Microscopic International Airport, I can be at the seaside 🙂 Also, the earlier you book an airline ticket, the cheaper it is.

Airport building. „Looks like a bus station in small town”, as one of my university’s professors said. New terminal is going to be opened in 2011.

Airlines that fly to Wrocław (code IATA: WRO) are LOT Polish Airlines, German Lufthansa, Ryanair, Wizzair and, seasonally, small domestic carrier JetAir. Cities with bigger airports, which are well connected with Wrocław, are Warsaw (Intercity trains almost every hour) and Berlin (a freeway almost all way and buses daily three times each day).

All my foreign friends are invited. Enjoy Poland! 🙂



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